Tokyo station and surroundings

IMG_4828.1After breakfast at our current favorite place (rice and some kind of meat for 320 yen) we headed off to Tokyo station. We had no goal in particular so we strolled the station for awhile and then going out heading for some imperial palace. Outside we realized these parts of Tokyo differed from what we have seen before. The signs in neon and other signs had greatly diminished and were replaced by skyscrapers reaching for the sky. Names such as Rolex, Bloomberg and other financial corporations where printed on these buildings, we entered one that was some kind of conference center with restaurants on top floor and took the elevator up. The elevator was smooth like a criminal and the view was very impressive from the windows. It was nice although didn’t look particularly japanese, but could have been any major city. Afterwards we had lost track of the imperial palace directions but using our knowledge from medieval strategy games we headed towards some canals which could serve as a moat and found out that we were correct indeed. We haven’t seen the palace yet, it might be that this is only a park, but with only I say that we have spent an hour or two here now just sitting and enjoying the sounds, views and tranquility of this place. It’s almost bizarre with the soft breeze, trees and relaxed tempo and in the skyline less than 200 meters the skyscrapers starts to complement the view. I guess that these parks are necessary for the people working in these districts to stay sane.

Update: We found the palace or garden and strolled around reading signs and checking out some fountain park that was a part of the park. We realized that this park area was quite big and it actually matched the green big thing on all Tokyo maps.