Getting our bearings

Beach was approved

We slept for a long time and woke a quarter before breakfast closed at ten. Apparently the power had gone out and wasn’t suspected to be back until 17 due to some maintenance, the hotel owner was thrilled about the lack of communication regarding this – We didn’t have much sensitive stuff in the fridge and could live fine without WiFi and chargers.

So we headed towards the beach and met Kalle & Gunnel with Juni after some searching. I this time had passports with me so could get us sim-cards with plenty of data – turns out the price for 45Gb is less than one bottle of sunscreen while roaming was exorbitantly priced (4 EUR/MB) on our Norwegian cards. I also made an attempt to get a power adapter from Sri Lanka since that was another thing that had been left at home but failed since the recommended store was closed (with an open sign at the door for lulz).

As the sun got scorching hot we headed back to the hotel for some slacking by the pool and got ourselves some toasts. It took Mona a few minutes of trying to tell the local chefs how to make this without electricity (but a gas stove) before she gave up and showed how one could do this more efficiently.

We slacked a bit, I wrote some notes for the blog and then Juni payed in the pool with a pair of slightly older girls.The electricity returned, in a way. Since I brought the old MacBook Pro without a working battery (and had to install Mojave and Lightroom the night before since Catalina didn’t support that old 32-bit application I hesitated to learn a new tool while on vacation – but I digress) I was relying on the power to last since when power died out so did my laptop and I had to restart everything. After four attempts getting a few minutes each I managed to finish the last expense and time report and could officially sign out from work.

We were a bit hungry and decided that we would go for classic food today so we headed off to Spagetti & co. where we got two pizzas and some pasta for Juni. Tasted surprisingly great.