Rain and Research

02112016 - Taupo  - _MG_8105Today was a day dedicated to the art of slacking.

I wrote up some blog posts, then entertained Juni for a few hours. Mona went shopping to fetch ingredients for brunch and later home made (well almost) pasta.

After Mona got back and we had a nice breakfast it was time for some more slacking and general browsing the web. We also examine and tested their their Sauna, then the outer spa pools with Juni – who was more happy of the outdoor activity.

As I mentioned the previous day we live next to Taupo lake which is on top of a Supervolcano, and after reading up a bit on it I have to say they are quite interesting – as in end of humanity as we know it interesting. I like the summary statement on the linked Wikipedia side after explaining that some consider an eruption would risk the survival of the entire human race “currently there are no theoretical ideas on how to at least milden an eruption and according to experts it’s unlikely to ever be found”. So, enjoy the ride while it lasts folks!

A day of slacking with Juni is less slacking than one could anticipate but we ended the day by watching first episode of Torchwood since we’re now out of Doctor Who. We were amazed that Netflix could handle the bandwidth constraint but then we had better than NZ average Internet.