Possrino and greenery

To prove that there are cloudy days in New Zealand as well...

To prove that there are cloudy days in New Zealand as well…

First on today’s schedule was Possum Environmental shop, Janelle and Jonte was potentially looking for slippers and Teresa praised the fur so off we went.
I can’t really come to peace with the idea that buying possum furs is good for the environment (including the endangered Kiwi bird) – I mean the logic is rather simple, they are a pest (while protected species in Australia) which lack natural enemies so something must be done, and if the value of a dead possum (fur etc) is less than the effort of shooting it then it’s dropping poisoned pellets or other means but they also risk harming the surrounding environment. Thus, in order to maintain current bio-balance or shift it towards more Kiwi and less possums this work is done. I have to say the fur is really really smooth though, and I tried on a few slippers but nothing really fitted me perfect so no purchases for me this time.

That’s not to say Team Ernholm left empty-handed, Mona got a pair of leg warmers in “Possrino” the (un)holy mixture of Merino and Possum fur with a tad of silk as well as a possum fur container which would hold an old school hot water bottle. Hot water bottles however is not a big thing in the Nordics so we need to acquire one while here as well but the function is similar to what the “Bush babies” we got in our tents in Tanziania, you have something warm and furry that keeps you company in the bed.

After the shopping we drove to the foot of Taranaki, Dawson Falls to be more specific, it was a bit too cloudy for real epic shots of the mountain itself but it was a nice forest trail we explored quickly and they also had a restaurant providing fika there.

This looks like something out of Princess Mononoke

This trail looks like something out of Princess Mononoke

After driving back home I headed out with Jonte and Geoff to get ingrediens for tonight’s barbecue as well as scout for above mentioned hot water bottle. No bottle were to be found but plenty of delicious ingredients on the other hand.

Then again, it can be awesomely green even an overcast day

Then again, it can be awesomely green even an overcast day

Back home it was beers (Geoff seem to always have one ready to offer, handy trait if I may say so), solving world problems and discussing possible itineraries for the remaining trip meanwhile those more skilled than yours truly prepared the kitchen. Juni had a bit of a struggle to fall asleep but eventually gave in so I could join the others having dinner. It’s hard to fail with two skilled chefs around as well as several enthusiats so it was a fittingly tasty last dinner in New Plymouth.

Something tasty with a fancy name

Something delicious with a fancy name to go with the grilled veggies and meat