Wellington and Taranaki

Poached eggs - apparently non-trivial to make

Poached eggs – apparently non-trivial to make

After the familiar routine of checking out (I think I can pack my usb-chargers blindfolded at this stage), we left the van and instead took a stroll along Cuba street. We found a lovely comic shop called Graphic Comics where dad got Tintin plasters – Mona looked at some Modesty Blaise and yours truly was thumbing a Xcom2 Artbook and considered a Zelda book but in the end left empty-handed.

We walked on until we reached Loretta where we had some breakfast – lovely muesli for me and amazing poached eggs according to Mona and parents were happy with bacon and eggs as well. Wellington and Cuba street had more to offer but we needed to get going if we were to reach New Plymouth tonight and we needed to return the cars at 14:00 as well. On the way back to the apartment I passed a Kathmandu shop which I quickly skimmed, a merino beanie later we got the car and drove off to Wellington Jucy to switch the van to two “Travella” cars which conveniently could fit the stroller in the trunk this time.

We split up since it was a bit of a gamble how Juni would handle five hours in a car and we might need a few more and longer stops then the parents.

Juni however behaved like a charm and we only had one stop at Whanganui where the lunch offers were a bit better than the smallest villages we had passed previously. Unfortunately we had missed the time window for lunch but was still too early for dinner so in the end there weren’t that many open places and the one we ended up going to, Stellar, only had the pub menu so Pizzas it was. Not bad though and after stocking up on baby items in the nearby supermarket we continued the drive.

25102016 - iPhone NZ - IMG_3548

Salmon on a pizza you say? Well, why not…

We arrived in New Plymouth at Janelle’s parents house almost at the exact same time as my parents and were met and offered pasta done á la minute by Jonte and a lovely glass of red to go with that. Juni got a plush sheep (but of course) as a present from Janelle’s parents in addition to some other assorted toys so it was happiness all around. The house is surrounded by a large garden and secluded by high trees and one almost feels like living in the tree tops looking out from the deck or dining room. The rest of the evening we spent chatting and having a good time with the Janelle’s family who were excellent hosts.