Smooth Sailing

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Balcony for outside breakfast, big-ass TV and proper sofa – not bad for a hotel living room.

It was again time to check out, a shame to leave such a nice apartment after so little time but all good things come to an end.

With my father’s and my own love for buffers we ended up with plenty of time to go before the ferry left. We had some lighter breakfast on the ferry but it wasn’t long until I realized I should have brought my iPad when leaving the car deck but I passed the time by snapping some photos and playing with Juni. All in all a rather eventless journey to Wellington.

Bye Bye Southern Island!

Bye Bye Southern Island!

We arrived safe in Wellington, which had a bit more intense traffic than previous cities – the capital after all. After some minor detours we reached the apartment that mother had booked, Boulcott Suites, which conveniently had a washing machine. We threw some in together with the washing powder satchel and to make the most out of Wellington we went out on the streets again.

The main highlight of the day was Te Papa Tongarewa (Mueseum of New Zealand), but due to our weak bodies and souls we had to stop at Mac’s Brewery for something to eat and drink on the way. Outside the brewery there was some sort of indigenous (I assumed) drumming/dancing event outside – it struck me as interesting that I saw no Maori people there so perhaps I’m wrong.

Culture appropriation or celebrating New Zealand origins - you decide

Culture appropriation or celebrating New Zealand origins – you decide

Mmmm beer

Mmmm beer

After enjoying Mac’s we finally got to Te Papa where we aimlessly strolled for a few minutes until we realized this would not be possible to get a decent idea of so we managed to get a late express guided tour. We were the only ones for the tour which suited us great – too much to see in 90 minutes so perhaps come back one day.

After seeing a Kraken wannabe aka the world largest squid carcass and various Maori culture the museum had to close so we walked back home for, drumroll, chilling and reading. And of course we realized that just because a satchel has the label biodegradable it doesn’t mean one should put the whole bag in – lesson learned and another attempt of washing was initiated…