Markets and Rugby

22102016 - Nelson  - _MG_7867We had a nice sleep-in and then headed off to Nelson Saturday Market in the centre for browsing and having breakfast.

You call that a knife?

You call that a knife?

22102016 - Nelson  - _MG_7873

Don’t worry little fella, we got a home for you!

There was quite a lot of regular junk but some nicer things as well, we had a fresh breakfast from a food stall. I really liked one artist who made various animals or items from recycled machine parts and Mona convinced me that we should get a really cool piece of art so I picked out one old school robot which Mona then bought me.  Of course she was right and I would have regretted it if we didn’t get something from that store.

After strolling around enough and buying some licorice and a headband for Juni we headed back to the motel for unloading and recharging. We left the car and took a stroll along the beach with some fika. It was quite windy which on the other hand the kitesurfers didn’t mind but we looped back after enjoying our fika in a wind-protected clearing.

Sipping refreshments outside our studio apartment...

Sipping refreshments outside our studio apartment…

22102016 - Nelson  - _MG_7885

Next up was dinner, so we went to “Smugglers Pub and Café” down the street but couldn’t get a table on the inside but were put on the waiting list. It quickly became clear that since All Blacks, the national pride, were playing the Australian Wallabies that no real Kiwi would leave their table until the game finished. Not sure I got the hang of rules (I gave up understanding the scoring system after a team lost five points for some reason) but it was clearly a important match for the locals and “we” won to everybody’s delight making the All Blacks setting just another record of a winning streak.

When the game was finished we quickly got a table and orders had been made in advance so finally we could start eating – there was plenty to go around and in general a cosy place.