Ashburton and Lakes

15102016 - iPhone NZ  - IMG_3017_lowresFirst up on the agenda was Ashford Village, where yarn, wool and handloom weaving machines (the latter not for sale luckily) competed in focus. I however decided to invest in car-charger for iThings first, stock up at the supermarket and then meet parents at the nice café next to Ashford Village, Nosh.


15102016 - Lake Tekapo and Pukaki  - _MG_7622

Most of the hipster checkboxes were checked at Farm Barn Café

We then drove southwest towards Fairlie, and had lunch at Farm Barn Café, which had not only a lovely view but also toasts. It was now warm and sunny, so we took our time before heading onwards to lake Tekapo.

15102016 - Lake Tekapo and Pukaki  - _MG_7640I don’t think photos manages to capture the serenity and beauty of Tekapo, the greenish lake with majestic snow-clad mountains in the background is best experienced by just sitting there and breathing.

15102016 - Lake Tekapo and Pukaki  - _MG_7654

This isn’t photoshopped

Parents had now checked in at Twizel in a Chalet so we decided to move on and passed Lake Pukaki, and if Lake Tekapo was serene and beautiful this was simply breathtaking.

15102016 - Lake Tekapo and Pukaki  - _MG_7661

Neither is this one.

More photos than needed were taken, we also just stayed and watched for a while – amazing and I was not surprised when I spotted a wedding photographer in action with this as backdrop. That said it was quite empty from people, I blame the early/pre-season but I could have stayed in a camper there for a few days if time wasn’t limited.