Left side of the road to Akaroa

14102016 - Akaroa - _MG_7609It’s time to remove the training-wheels and start driving on the left side of the road, feel the fresh air from an open window to experience Freedom. Given Juni’s newfound interest in crawling we decided to skip or at least postpone renting a motorhome and instead went for two regular cars and aiming for sleeping in places with wifi and bathtubs. Jucy seemed like the best alternative so we rented two “Styla” and headed back to the airport with another shuttle (Steve’s to be precise).

Since Jonte had lived in Australia for three years without a hitch (and rented cars multiple times) and even showed his Swedish driving license to authorities and that went just fine we wouldn’t be hassled when renting a car, would we? Of course we would. The small text on the back of the driving license explaining that the historic date is when you got the license and the future date is expiry date, also that the images depicting a car actually means there is a car. The woman at Jucy was despite adhering to the rules completely helpful since Jucy had a discount at a translator service (which I’d checked out before) so after waiting almost an hour and spending 104.40 NZD we were finally ready.14102016 - Akaroa - _MG_7611

We were going for a shorter trip to Akaroa to see that – and on the way we stopped at Hilltop Tavern which was a nice restaurant with a lovely view (even given the grey skies and rain).

14102016 - Akaroa - _MG_7613Akaroa looked awesome, and we took a stroll by the waterfront, but more or less pouring rain didn’t really seem like the best weather for the location. The weather forecast indicated this would go on for a few days so instead of waiting it out we headed towards Ashburton, home of high quality Ashford weaving handlooms to mothers delight

Mother booked a nice motel on the way and after an emergency drive to Burger King Mona and I had a nice hot tub with Juni – who enjoyed splashing more than relaxing though. And to have two humongous infrared lamps in the bathroom to create a tropical feeling is another idea I think New Zealand should spread.14102016 - Akaroa - _MG_7616