Leaving Kumily for Kottayam

shapeimage_2-9It was now due time to leave Kumily and we would head first to Kottayam and from there either get on a train or possibly boat further down. After a lazy start we checked out, headed towards the bus station and immediately found a bus going our way.

We arrived in Kottayam, and got a Riksha to the ferry with some 20 minutes to go before the last boat to Alleppey. The driver however suggested we stay in Kottayam for the day – check out some Shiva festival and he, of course, knew a good home-stay. Well, what the heck? Besides he did have a point that going down the river would be very nice early early next morning whereas now it would be pitch dark in an hour or so.

The home-stay was very nice and clean, and for 800 Rs it seemed cheap as well, specially considering that the driver probably got at least 200 Rs out of those. The driver had explained that the food was included in the price but this turned out not to be the case – well well. We took a walk, crossed a river with a tiny canoe and ended up at the Shiva festival as the only foreigners there. After watching some processions with dancers and elephants we got a Riksha back home to enjoy a fab meal including two beers.