Spice Garden

shapeimage_2-8Wakening and feeling well but hungry we had a quick breakfast before getting an Auto-Riksha to Abraham’s Spice Garden. Well there we decided to wait for mr Abraham himself to finish a tour rather than taking the tour with an assistant, it turned out to be well worth the time. He was very knowledgeable and the one our or so tour was very enlightening.

We had dinner at Chrissies, and decided to try their home-made pasta (how very Indian). It was OK but nothing more, and since it costed about twice as much as an Indian dinner it was probably the last european food we ate during the trip. The iPad have somehow given up rebooting and was thus able to get recharged, yay! I’ve made a note to never use it below 10% without proper charger at hand to avoid the risk of loosing all books (including Lonely Planet) etc that we’ve stored on the iPad.