“No need to book in advance”

shapeimage_2-10This day could be summarized with one single word. Waiting. Since I woke up early but wanted Mona to sleep well I waited until she woke up around ten. After a nice breakfast at Protea we waited for someone able to take us to a place for Bungee jumping.

We waited long and good, together with two girls from the same dorm, and when we finally got to the Bungee place we realized that this was just a startup for the real long wait. The ladies in the reception at Tube ‘n Axe had stated that it was not at all necessary too book any jumps, this was not true. It was on the famous hair that we were allowed to jump that day at all, we thanked some people who had bailed out on their booking and got the last three spots (Mona decided that throwing herself off a bridge with a rubber strap attached to her feet wasn’t really her thing). So we waited. And waited until we after finally got to walk out on the bridge.

“For security reasons” it was not permitted to bring cameras or anything like that out, which was a shame since it was quite a view from there. Walking out on a metal grid on the bridge seeing the ground quite far below you was quite interesting as well. Yours truly and one of the girls, Danny were going to do the jump naked. We had convinced the owner at the restaurant while we were waiting that by the time we would jump there wouldn’t be any children or by any other reasons overly sensitive people left in the restaurant showing the live feed so it would be fun. He didn’t promise but said it wasn’t impossible. However, as my turn came the guys doing the jump called the restaurant and apparently it was not possible for me to do it naked, I had to at least put on a pair of boxers. Well well, said and done. I jumped out, sort of scared but enjoyed the tumbling fall as I gained speed. The bungee jump used to be the highest in the world and those 216 meters sure pass fast when you’re falling.

As we got back I saw that the photos taken on me by their professional photographers were extremely blurry, out of focus and in general crappy. So I coughed up the 12€ to get my lovely jump on a DVD so I would at least have some form of digital memory of the event. As we got back to Tube ‘n Axe in the evening we realized that we weren’t actually hungry but instead went for some ciders as we made re-adjustments to our travel plan and booked tickets for Robben Island in Cape Town before going to bed early as usual.