The voyage to Coron

IMG_0502Since we woke up at 0530 we enjoyed electricity and wifi for half an hour and were almost done packing up before lights went out again. We headed off towards Art Café where we would have breakfast and possibly get lunch to go. We ordered two expensive (3€) Mueslis with fresh fruits which were delicious. We also asked how long time it would take them to prepare two pizzas. 20 minutes. The boat would depart in 40 so there was some room for delays.

After 35 minutes we left the place without pizzas and we hurried to the departure pier. There was little stress going on there and after fifteen minutes our pizza delivery arrived. Nice. The boat didn’t leave until 08 for no obvious reason, all passengers where there and the crew just seemed to chill for an hour. Well, we had enough food now with pizzas and cookies. The trip was estimated to take eight hours so we should have been in Coron around 15 but now it looked more like 16. Well well.

The sea was pretty rough and we made bets whether we would make it on time or not, I betted the most pessimistic time, 17. After watching the sun set around 18 I asked one of the crew politely when he thought we’d be in Coron. When he responded “four hours” I realized that this was probably the first realistic time estimate from a Filipino, I still didn’t like the estimate though. Said and done, after approximately four with the stars as only light we finally reached Coron. In the end the trip took 16 hours instead of 8, yay.

We headed towards Sea Dive which had replied that they had vacant rooms to our mail only to find out that they now were full. After grunting about their positive e-mail response the manager was very helpful and arranged another accommodation for us and a tricycle to the place. We checked in, ordered food and ate like we hadn’t seen food before, or at least not in 12 hours. The world was still moving around since the body since long had adapted to the rough sea. After ordering breakfast and having a quick shower we slumped onto our beds and quickly drifted into sleep.