San Vincente and finally Port Barton

IMG_0266We rose and shone just before 06, as usual. When we got the local bus/jeepney central/chaos we were told that there was no transport was leaving for Port Barton, since the road was gone. Yeah right. We should instead go to San Vincente and from there take a banca (plywood boat that would meet few european safety standards). We didn’t have much of an option as for the destination, we could choose vehicle though so we got on the slightly more expensive (5€) but less crowded van.

Things were going pretty well, it was the best weather so far and our seats were comfy. One could almost guess what would happen then, this time it was not the engine that broke down but just a flat tire so after not much more than 30 minutes we were on track again. We were finally dumped in San Vicente at the pier were we could get a Banca.

There were a bunch of locals waiting for the regular banca, so we declined the offer of renting one for ourselves. After some time it became clear that the banca operators would not let any locals go until we rented one for ourselves for 25€ rather than the 2.5€ fee. We started talking to the locals but when the operators approached they explained that they couldn’t talk here. Nice cosy feeling.
IMG_0277An old lady found this ridiculous however and told us to follow her as she arranged a banca for 2.5€ for us and her friend. People like her make me regain some hope for humanity. As we got to Port Barton 45 minutes later we arrived exactly at the same time the other locals – what a strange coincidence that the boat had started to run just when we left.

At Port Barton we got the Honeymoon suite at a place called Ysabelle since we deserved such a treat. The weather was still very nice and the sand was so fine it squeaked when one walked on it. We asked for banca prices but they were ridiculously high here, I guess we would have to find an old nice lady here as well. We agreed not to grumble about this but enjoyed the fine weather and a nice dinner.