Dead Cities and nursing Mirsada in Hama

IMG_8610We had arranged a tour with mr Walid at the Baron Hotel, he’s son would drive us around around the Dead Cities and the area for the mere sum of 80 dollars. This was a bit hefty to say the least, but it would be a bit tricky to hike around the Dead Cities and nicer to get a driver related to the rather famous hotel than picking up a random guy from the streets.

IMG_8589The Dead cities are a bunch of towns which were deserted for an unknown reason. A few earthquakes have taken place over time and trade routes maybe changed, who knows? Anyways they were nice to wander about, Serjilla was one town which had been deserted since the 6th century, but it felt rather recently abandoned. There remains indicated rather high living standards of that time, e.g. two-storied buildings and tombs for the deceased.

After some photos and more strolling Mirsada started feeling sick. We decided to skip the mosaic museum, or actually only use their bathrooms, and got on a minibus heading for Hama. We got to Hama, got a taxi to Cairo Hotel and got there rather just in time. The rest of the day was spent nursing Mirsada who could only keep boiled rice and drink small amounts of water or stirred coca-cola.

In the evening she started to get better but we ended the day with watching a movie on the laptop. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.