Day two on the train

originalI woke up rather early, I guess the fact that all lights are shared and are time-controlled did it’s part. I’m surprised how well I liked the bed though. I guess you can compare my lodging here to a capsule hotel, except privacy, showers and personal lamp. But the view is far better so I guess it evens out. I definitely made the right choice asking for hard sleeper, soft sleeper seems like a waste of money (45 € more) while hard-seat for 48 hours might be pushing it a bit too far.

I luckily found a power outlet just nearby in the corridor, and the restaurant sold instant noodles for 0.5 €. The remaining item would be toilet paper, which seemed out of reach for this trip. I was glad to find that they had a bathroom for disabled which meant a real toilet (well at least to the shape, the hygiene left some things to be wished for). Water comes in two sorts, boiling or ice-cold. Almost everyone has a plastic bottle they use for cooling the boiled water to more pleasant temperatures. I might get one of those in Lhasa.IMG_7229
Looking out to see the landscape gives plenty of scenic pictures, I alternate between that and reading No Logo. The sun sets quite early though so I decided to watch some movies as well.IMG_7241

I had dinner in the restaurant consisting of rice and some fried vegetables and chicken. I guess my low expectations helped but it actually tasted rather good, perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Tibetan food as well. I went to sleep rather early after some more reading and contemplating.