Day of Days

IMG_6701Me, Ulf and Laura arrived with plenty of time enough to the airport. After some queuing it was time to check in. That is when I get told that my passport is a little to well-used. So just to be sure he would like me to check with an Aeroflot representative that my passport is ‘good enough’. I point out that my passport just got a visa so it apparently already past the scrutinizing eyes of the chinese authorities. I get assured that China won’t be a problem but my 6 hour transit stop in Moscow might end up with a flight back to Stockholm.

The Aeroflot person said ‘it’s up to you but I can’t guarantee you can continue’ and suggested that I get a temporary passport at the police (It’s now 50 minutes left before my plane leaves) for the nominal fee of 980 swedish krona. I explain that I’m quite short on time, and the passport looks nice to me so I guess I would have to take my chances. She then tells me that I should go to the police Now. After some hectic searching for buses at Arlanda I get to the police, get a new passport, get a bus back, check in, pass through security. In time. As a bonus the very same Aeroflot lady gives me my pack of flight tickets (which she somehow manages to steal from me I assume).

Not bad for the first few hours, next stop will be Moscow for a bunch of hours, we will see what happens there 🙂