Back to Tokyo

IMG_5313.1After a well needed Spa for some hours in Gotemba we decided to leave for Tokyo. The plan was to use our last stamp in order to reach Atami and from there take Shinkansen (although we could keep on using local trains) the last bit left till Tokyo. Our clothes were still soaked from the climbing so we needed to get to Tokyo and find somewhere to stay where we could dry them.

We got to Atami and found out that the last bit would cost us 3500 Yen, you pay the price for local traffic and then on top of that an additional price if you would like to use Shinkansen. We thought that the first part was covered by our stamps but this was not the case. Well, after the splurge of a 6000 Yen sleep for four hours, a few hours of spa it didn’t seem that much money. The ride was nice, swift and silent. Definitely beats most ways of traveling but perhaps it wasn’t worth 3500 Yen extra when you already had a ticket for your destination payed for.

At Tokyo station we after some struggle found our open network spot. But not after hearing from several people working there that there was no internet anywhere in Tokyo station. I explained that this simply cannot be and was quite close to insult the smiling clerk using the words ‘No Internet’ instead of ‘I don’t know’. We then asked another clerk who gave us a map and pointed out a place where you could send faxes and use internet. This was approximately 200m from the first guy saying that this didn’t exist. I was very tempted to back and educate him but I didn’t bother.

We had received null positive responses out of our five inquiries for a stay for the night. Or actually, one was ‘please call since we do not accept bookings via email so close to arriving day, our telephone time is 10-17’. We called the first place we stayed at in Tokyo but no luck there either. Well, what the heck, we downloaded some guide over capsule hotels in Tokyo and when to Ueno station. It only took a few minutes before we found a cheap capsule hotel with available capsules. Only catch was curfew at 24 but we decided this wasn’t a problem. A quick shower, hanging up our still wet clothes and we slept like babies that had crawled to the top of Fuji the day before.