Arriving in Hiroshima

IMG_5113.1When arriving at Hiroshima around 22 we thought that this was going to be a rough night. We hadn’t exactly made any reservations or done a thorough research on Hiroshima accommodations. But luck belongs to the brave, we met three girls at the information desk and one of the girls offered to show us to a ‘very cheap hotel’ which they were going to. Sounded like a nice thing, we were impressed by her english skills that was basic, i.e. well above average.

This proved to be due to the cause that Luna as she was called originated from China and was a chinese teacher living in Tokyo for the last six years. She called and made reservations for us, I got the impression that a room for two was 4400 yen. Almost the double as yesterday but could be nice to avoid strolling around with luggage in the Hiroshima night. When we got to the, in our experiences, quite flashy hotel the two rooms for 4400 each were reserved. Well well, the rooms were really nice and you had your own bathroom. Cool, almost like home, except smaller.

After a quick shower Ulf and I hit the streets to what Hiroshima had to offer this sunday night. The quick answer to that question was not much at all. We actually found the city quite dead and shops as well as restaurants had closed. After some searching we found a place where the chefs prepared your food more or less like a pizza (replace ingredients with japanese ones) on a hot table. This we read afterwards was something typical for Hiroshima called okonomiyaki and it was really nice. We then back to our hotel to enjoy electricity, internet and a soft bed.