Osaka accommodation

IMG_5018.1The train to Osaka was supposed to be around 500 Yen according to a website but the two hung-over gaijins probably took a more expensive train than we should have since we ended up paying little more than the double. Well, compared to what were spent on yesterdays drinking binge I guess we will survive. We went to an internet café at the Osaka station, and after realizing that they had wireless for free I downloaded some information about Osaka. Taking the not as cheap as in Tokyo subway we headed for Shin-Imamiya station which supposedly had some budget hotels.

While searching for these rumored hotels a old japanese drunk (which isn’t a common sight by the way) stopped us and asked if we were swedish. We found that the hotels where lumped together and after five ‘no rooms, sorry’ our hopes were getting down. Specially since the last hotel asked for how many nights, and after that said they didn’t have any rooms. We spotted a Bikklu vendor (one of our favorite soft drinks) and said things would get better after this. The very next hotel down the street did have rooms available and the clerk actually understood phrases such as ‘rooms available?’. They didn’t have internet here though but I guess we can manage 😉 It was 2400 Yen for a twin room which is really cheap.

There’s always a catch and when opening the door to our room we realized that the twin room wasn’t that big. It’s not possible to place the two mattresses in any way in the room without overlapping e.g. In fact you can see three of the four possible walls on the photo on top of this page. The view was quite nice though, we are at 9th floor and the thickness of the outer wall is approximately 4-5 cm which I guessed seemed safe at some time. After writing this I guess we will try to check out the local area, get some food and so on. We can’t enter the hotel between 00 and 06 so I guess it will be a long night or a calm night today. We will see, Ulf’s been sleeping now so perhaps it’s about time for some Shochu again.