Kyoto walking by night

The club Metro was quite lame, music could have been good but it seemed like they played only the intros of some minimalistic electronica. There was no entry fee though and the drinks were decent, so I ordered them in pairs. We were talking with the other backpackers from the party but almost no locals where to be seen so we all left for another club which supposedly would be better.

This is where those double-drinks and the Shochu starts to kick in I assume. I took a little power nap when we got the other place, this is as we have witnessed before not like in Sweden where they will throw your drunk ass out of the club if you gasp a little too long. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

When I woke up, half of the crowd had left and Ulf was hammered. This was kind of an interesting situation; imagine that you wake up in a bar you don’t know how you got to and the place you call home is located on the other side of the city. Then add the fact that road signs and most maps are written in a language you do not understand and the average level of the locals’ english similar to a 12-year old swedish kid’s.

Since Ulf had, according to him, taken care of me while I slumbered like a baby I decided it was now my duty to guide him home. We could do it the easy way and order a cab but that wouldn’t be much of a challenge, now would it?

So we get out form the club, have no clue at all which direction so we just started walking. I guess one of the guys from the hostel was just outside because someone said to us in english ‘you’re going in the wrong direction’. Since I’m a man I replied ‘We’ll manage, thanks anyways’ and kept walking. After a few turns there was some locals our age that I asked for directions to ‘Nijo jo’ (Nijo Castle, once again living next to a landmark proved invaluable). They didn’t speak any english (I still get surprised by this every time, at least basic english I thought would be common) but after some conversation I understood that they said I should wait until the subway opens and then go by that. This was not an option so I explained that we would walk. They laughed and gave us the direction towards Nijo Castle.

We walked, and walked. And walked. Now and then asking locals to be sure that we were on the right track. Ulf, as always when a little tipsy, wanted to stop for getting food now and then as well. Eventually we started to recognize the streets and I felt the sense of victory. I was so enthusiastic so I was almost a half block ahead of Ulf when I went up the stairs going for my bed. I undressed and lay down. Why doesn’t Ulf show up?

In my boxers I open the door to the staircase on the outside and look for him in the street. I can see that he has passed our hostel and keeps on walking. I scream but he seems oblivious to my attempts to get his attention. So I do what I have to in order to guide my friend to safety. I run down the stairs, out on the street to get him. Now I don’t see him though, was he that fast? I run along the street, still wearing boxers only to find him exiting a convenient store with another package of food. He looks at me and wonders what I’m doing out here in my boxers. I got some interesting looks by the locals that where heading for their jobs I can assure you.

Back to bed around 6 and this time I woke up 40 minutes before check-out at 12 feeling just a bit to good. We all know what that means, the hung-over hadn’t started yet.