Turtles all the way down

That’s not a rock…

After a less than ideal night (a bit too warm, dogs a bit to loud) Juni chose to wake up earlier than usual. After a bit of iPad she was bored and wanted to get out. Well said and done, I headed out and left Mona to catch some beauty sleep – only to meet Gunnel halfway up the stairs to our room. She was heading to the beach which sounded like a win-win for all parties involved so I duck back and fetched sunscreen, toys and the stroller and sent Juni off while going through photos and did some long overdue blogging.

Eventually Mona also got bored so we walked down to the beach instead of getting a breakfast. It was quite hot so when Kalle & Gunnel went to Dolphin we decided to head over to Nordic House for breakfast and high quality coffee. The sandwiches were really really nice, and Mona praised her coffee which isn’t a common sight either – so success for the first breakfast that wasn’t included in the hotel price.

After that we decided to have a look at Hikka Tranz / Turtle beach to see if there were any giant turtles there that were healthy for Juni to have a look at. Lo and behold, there were five of them (and a lot of tourists, I’m sure you can guess their nationality by now). Juni were a bit cautious and did not want to pet the turtles – she also explained that she had had some bad dreams of the evil sharks who ate the legs and arms from turtles yesterday.

Leatherback Turtle, with Russian for scale

Rain clouds started to gather so we went back to the resort for some rest. While Juni slept the rain started, and when she woke and it was still drizzling she argued that one could still swim by the pool, right? Hard to argue against that so we practiced “swimming” in the rain and played around for some time while Mona did research for next steps of our trip.

Mona and I switched being Pool guard as I did some blogging, photo backups and other essential holiday tasks. For dinner we decided to try something new so after doing some quick research we took a Tuk-tuk to Book Worm. On a side note, what ever happened to Tripadvisor? It used to be the best, then good, then decent but now is a UX mess – it’s bad when you use Google Maps over a dedicated service.

Kalle called while we were on the way and would join us there. As we made our way it was a very quiet atmosphere, and turns our they only served one set menu of Sri Lanka traditional vegetarian curry. I was very pleased and luckily Juni enjoyed rice and papadam at least so we dug in. It could have been a few degrees warmer to be honest but otherwise really nice. The lemon and honey tea was excellent as well. Kalle and Gunnel were not hungry so only wanted a beer – my suspicion that they didn’t serve beer turned out correct so after settling the bill (it was perhaps the cheapest dinner so far in addition) we strolled along Galle road to find some beers.

After beers, ice-cream and a mango lassi for yours truly at Cool Spot we took the last tuk-tuk for today back to the hotel and went to bed, only to recall we should have asked for the AC to be switched on today. Well, it can’t be that bad with the fan on decent speed, can it?