Slacking is just another word for nothing left to do


We checked out and left our luggage at the hotel but thought we would try breakfast elsewhere for some variation. An hour or so later we settled for a 20120302-093110.jpgCafe at their central lake – being picky combined with our navigational skills extended the search considerable. We treated ourselves with mixed fruit and yogurts (served in glass but still) which was excellent. There was a slight understanding about fried noodles with eggs though, leading to an untouched dish. It was nice weather, sunny but a nice breeze so we thought it would be a good idea to lay down in the grass and just slack.

After a bit of blogging, a bit of Civilization and some reading for Mona we started to stroll back towards our hotel. After a block we understood that the breeze had been very local around the lake and it was scorching hot. Well we had put on some sunblock, so we would be good.

20120302-093500.jpgI decided it was time to settle the score with my long overdue haircut and got one approved by the socialist party for the bargain of 2.5 USD. We had lunch at a place called Chocolate, which was nice but nothing to kill for. A little bit of slacking with wifi at our hotel before we were offered a free ride to the airport shuttle station. Luckily Mona found the way better than the driver, also known as the husband of the more business oriented lady. He looked like a man who expected a rather nasty scolding from his love when he realized he may fail to drop us off in time. It all worked out and the taxi shuttle didn’t even leave until 15 minutes later than we’d read so no worries. We checked in and went through security in less than two minutes and took the opportunity to borrow some electricity to charge our iToys until boarding, which reminded me of back in the days when Ulf and I relied on laptop batteries while touring Japan.


The Taxi to our hotel, Sophia Hotel, which costed 6 USD including a little tip to district 1 using the meter, the cab driver wasn’t thrilled but I almost expected more of a rip-off. A bit tired after all the slacking we spend the last hour Watching bad Kung-Fu and Harry Potter before falling asleep in our rather nice room.