A day at the beach, and a little bit of Shiva

shapeimage_2-11As to balance the previous days ranting the content of this day can best be described by the picture above. We had a nice, and fairly priced lunch at the beach and bumped into some of the Swedes who mentioned a temple festival later which we thought we could check out.

IMG_2185The Shiva festival had all the standard ingredients, a few food stalls, dancers and drummers, elephants and lots of locals having a good time. One thing that we hadn’t seen before was the competition between two villages in a sort of a traditional game. The idea was that first you build your wooden horse/tower – around 8 meters tall and then you let each team carry one side of the horse while trying to knock it over to/on the other team. To use the now in India quite commonly used phrase – What could possibly go wrong?