Knickers off in Kumily

shapeimage_2-6After checking out from the resort our favorite driver took us to Munnar town where we would get on the bus to Kumily. The bus did arrive in time, left 30 minutes after schedule but by and large it was a rather uneventful trip despite the narrow roads and reckless drivers we met.

In Kumily we got ourselves a nice room at El Paradisio for 1000 Rs after some haggling, not bad. We decided to treat ourselves some Ayurveda massages and went to Arya which were recommended. My masseur put me in that awkward moment when you’ve dressed down to your boxers and aren’t sure whether to carry on very short – when I asked if I ought to keep my boxers he simply smiled, bent down and removed my boxers. One hour and 600 Rs later we left and will most likely pay the place additional visits during our stay.