Jordan, senior citizen style

IMG_8732A few highlights in before ending up in Amman would be the Taxi-driver refusing to drop us at correct terminal or the flight not mentioned on the departure-screens. Well at the airport in Amman when standing in the line to get some Jordanian Dinars a guy with our names on a sign sneak up on us.

It was nice to just follow the guy through security (how and why he had gotten into the secure area to pick us up I have no idea), get into a car and being given a room, without suspecting getting ripped off for a change. We met Hamzeh and Irina briefly and decided to join them for lunch later.

Since we managed to just miss the breakfast we tried the room service and ordered two american breakfasts. Three (I kid you not) correcting calls later we got more breakfast than we could eat. This didn’t help much since the food passed through my body within 20 minutes, bah. We took a raincheck on the lunch in favor to rest.

After an unsuccessful attempt to use the internet at the hotel (their IT-manager knew less than me and could not get it working) we found an internet café in a mall. I could now finish uploading the blog which I’d started in Damascus, or I could partly overwrite the old one leaving myself with a broken blog. Easy choice apparently.

After dinner at the hotel we concluded our senior citizen style day by some reading and blog-writing before going to bed. Unless this trend stops we will be solving cross-words together any day now.