Three flights and one long run

IMG_7845I’m writing this from a hotel room in Copenhagen. The vacation is over and it’s back to work. After spent about 1-1.5h awake hours in my apartment I’m off for a short business trip. The room here is awesome, the place has a gym and a nice restaurant. I off course had some noodles, dumplings since it was available. Not the same costs and I was given knife and fork to eat with. Anyways, this will be a closing on the last day of my trip.

First I woke up, packed my stuff and realized I had some spare space. Odd, but luckily I know that the remedy was to be found at Yashow. A quick strode and I was greeted by a “Open at 0930” sign. Bah, back for some dumplings for breakfast. After some haggling at Yashow I escaped with a few more ties than I needed and I was back at the hostel. It was time to depart and armed with a note form Yang saying capital airport in chinese I got myself a cab and filled the trunk with my stuff.

After weighting in my army bag on 18.5 kg (the cabin luggage was about the same I would say but this was not checked fortunately) well in time I navigating my way to the gates. It struck me that being alone with a bunch of bags isn’t the perfect situation when going to bathrooms or scanning the tax-free. At least I was relieved of the two last bottles of Nutri-Express Apple at the security (it kind of makes sense that they only allowed 1L for domestic flights I suppose). Some real white chocolate and reading later I boarded the first flight of the day.

I started playing some Fallout 2 until the batteries gave up, had something to eat and then wondered what to do the remaining flight. The couple next to me were about twice my age and knew limited english so conversations didn’t look too appealing. I started to read Lord of the banana-flies which is self-biography about a rather successful swedish IT-guy who took a break in his career to start produce gay porn. The book was as thin as the story though and after finishing it I realize that I perhaps should take advantage of the free alcohol.

A German and Indian guy had hi-jacked the “bar” and was handing out drinks, cookies and beverages. It looked that they had a few themselves but they were more amusing than drunk. Another meal and with some wine, a few bears and I realize that having to visit the bathroom every now and then having a window seat was perhaps not ideal. Luckily I’m a ninja and there was space behind me so I started to climb up and down from my seat instead. I must have impressed much on the chinese couple. To my beers I read further in the power/strategy book.

Remembering that even if there is no tomorrow, the current day would be rather long, and the upcoming connections might prove a worthy challenge even without being drunk I stopped drinking. It’s funny how hard it is to actually find a good occasion to get drunk by yourself. Some further reading, lots of Sudoku and finally we hit German ground. Frankfurt Airport was rather spread out it seemed so after passport control it was a rather long stroll towards the gate.

At the gate I see that the flight to Stockholm is delayed for some 25-30 minutes. This is not good at all. The 60 minutes connection at Arlanda where I have to collect my luggage was tight as it was. I board the plane, still managing to steal place for my luggage (including the framed painting) from my fellow travelers. It seemed that I would at least end up in Sweden this night.

The service of SAS flights was as usual, “Would you like to purchase any water, sir?”. A flight attendant said that she didn’t think my odds were that bad at the airport though. When we were about to approach they inform passengers who would continue with domestic flights with gates they should go to after picking up their luggage. Great, the only problem was they did not mention my flight but started with flights leaving later.

Never had time felt so slow as when I waited for my luggage on that bloody conveyor belt, time was ticking and my time window shrunk merciless. To complicate things I didn’t quite know my way either, but there would be signs, right? I see my bag, sling it over my shoulder and start what would be the run of the day. Crossing between senior citizens, children and plain lazy people I make my way forth.

It’s not a pretty sight when I jog/run with all my luggage and look for clues were to go. I know I should get to Sky City first, so when I see that I get a sense of hope, now I’m quite warm of the running though. I ask someone for the SAS check-in disk and they point and say about 200 meters. Great. I might make it. If I ever see that person who lied so outrageously about the distance again I will gladly educate them when it comes to estimating. I am now completely soaked but I see the check-in disk.

I cut in line and manages to say Gothenburg between my breathings. She asks if it’s the flight leaving 2125, looking at the watch before adding “the one in 17 minutes” ? I say yes and give her my name, she sees my luggage and reluctantly asks whether I have some bags to check in as well. I smile and dump the army-bag and mumble something about late Frankfurt flight and me running all the way. She says she would have to check it in as special luggage or something. I made it. She instructs me where to go and that I must really really hurry in order to make it. I say I will but knowing that that plane will not leave without me on it once my bag has been checked in I can actually breathe and walk the last bit.

I wasn’t even the last one to board, and a well-priced sandwich and some breathing exercises later I’m in Gothenburg. Henrik and Lena is picking me up at the airport, sweet. Next trip I will plan less tight connections, perhaps even add a free day before the vacation is over. But then again, would it be as fun without the challenge?